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Figure Skating



Freestyle sessions are offered daily and designed for skaters of all ages and abilities working on individual skills, advanced skating skills, choreography, jump, spin techniques and freestyle pairs/ice dance teams. 


Skaters that are Snowplow Sam #1 thru Basic #2 level must be accompanied by an instructor. 30 Minute Freestyle sessions are available and you may use your Learn to Skate Free Passes towards a 30 min ice time on a freestyle session. 

Skaters that can do a toe loop jump can attend an open freestyle session. Skaters must be landing an axel and/or passed their Juvenile Moves in the Field or Juvenile Ice Dance test to skate on a High Performance Freestyle session. 


Individuals with a private power skating lesson on freestyle sessions must be accompanied by a power skating coach. 

  • Full hockey gear is not allowed and will be strictly limited to ONLY gloves, shin guards, and helmet. 

Power skating on approved sessions only. Please contact the Skating Director.


Guest coaches can teach at City National Arena on most sessions except the following.



*Guest coaches MUST be approved by the Skating Director. Please reach out to Carolyn Mortenson / for guest coach application.*

Click here to view monthly Freestyle calendar

Select Members Sessions tab if you are a member and Drop In Sessions tab if you are not a freestyle member at City National Arena.


Vegas Golden Knights Center of Excellence at City National Arena. To achieve any level in any sport, there is a degree of discipline that an individual and team must apply. A motivating and positive atmosphere is important for athletes and coaches to develop success. As we work together to accomplish these goals, we ask that you abide by the following rules:

*Freestyle sessions are designed for figure skaters to practice skills, programs, and take lessons from their coaches.

*Maximum of 25 skaters on the ice during a freestyle session. (First come first serve)

*HP (High Performance) Freestyle sessions are reserved for skaters landing their axels and/or passed their Juvenile Moves in the Field Test.

*Food and/or drink are NOT permitted on the ice. (Exception – plastic water bottles)

*All skaters must sign in and pay for their sessions before entering the ice. Skaters who are not signed in and paid for will be asked to leave the ice.

*Coaches must pay their Coaches’ fees before teaching on any session.

*Private & semi private lessons are not included in the ice fees. They are invoiced directly to the parent from the coach.

*Semi private lessons to a maximum of 3 skaters at one time. CNA will not tolerate coaches creating programming that is in competition with the house programming.

*Skaters must bring with them to the boards water bottles, extra gloves, music, etc.

*Skaters must enter the ice from the players’ benches. Coaches will enter and exit the ice from the first door to the rink ONLY. Exception – If there is an emergency and a skater needs to exit the ice quickly, they may use the coaches’ door.

*Parents are welcome to watch from the lobby and bleachers areas. Parents are not allowed on the players bench side of the rink. Parents are only allowed in this area due to an emergency and need to assist their skater.

*Any parent observed instructing a skater, including gestures from the bleachers, will result in the removal of the parent and skater from the rink. There will be no refund or credit for unused sessions or classes.

*Kicking the ice or boards, excessive speeding, shouting, foul or abusive language or arguing with other skaters or coaches will not be tolerated. Any skater or coach engaging in this behavior will be asked to leave the session immediately.

*Skaters can enter the ice right at the time of their paid session. They cannot enter the ice early, as that session has not been paid for. If skaters are seen entering the ice early, they will be asked to leave the ice and wait for their scheduled paid ice time. Skaters must also leave the ice promptly at the end of their paid session.

*Arrive at City National Arena with a positive attitude. Be courteous to your fellow skaters, coaches, and rink staff. Skating is very difficult and at times a frustrating sport to learn, but that is no excuse for a poor attitude. Negative thinking can become one of the biggest obstacles in reaching your goal. A positive approach will give you progress in the sport.

*A skater or coach should not conduct themselves in a way that hinders the other skaters and coaches to have a productive session.

*Coaches must have an awareness of what is going on during the session. They cannot just focus on their student, ignoring the patterns of the other skaters.

*Coaches should coach from the boards. Exceptions are – choreography, young Learn to Skate lessons, setting Moves in the Field Patterns. In these instances, coaches should still be courteous of others on the ice. No following your students around the rink.

*Please take pride in wearing proper skating attire, such as club jackets, skating pants, sweaters, gloves, and tights on the ice. DO NOT WEAR BAGGY SWEATSHIRTS OR SWEATPANTS. Please wear proper off ice attire for off ice classes as well.

*Skaters are not allowed to use their cell phones on the ice, except for the purpose of playing their music. Earbuds are not allowed while on the ice, as this is a safety hazard for the skaters and the others on the ice. No virtual lessons are allowed on the ice. Virtual lessons can be done off ice

*No cones, hockey sticks, pads, etc. can be used on a freestyle session. Exception – Held teaching aids that are not hinderance to others on the ice, like a balance stick. Washable markers are allowed for teaching aids. Bingo daubers are NOT allowed, due to excessive paint staining the ice.


*Program music will be played on a rotational basis. This will be done on the honor system, with the responsibility left to the skaters and coaches.

*Coaches may put the music of the student they are teaching ahead of other skaters. The playing order will be 3 coaches, then 1 skater, 3 coaches, then 1 skater, etc.

*After a skater's music has been played, their music or another program may be put at the end of the line to re-enter the rotation. Ice dance music can take the place of program music.

*Not everyone will be able to play their music on full sessions due to lengths of programs.

*Please do not stop and restart your music if others are waiting in line.

*Please play music at a level that ensures other coaches can communicate with their students.

Right of Way

*The skater doing a program to music has the right of way. Colorful belts are provided to help identify the skater whose music is being played.

*Please stay aware of which skater is doing his or her program and do your best to stay clear of his or her pattern.

*Please wear the belt when you play your music to help other skaters know you are skating your program.

*Figure skaters taking a lesson have the right of way over general skaters in the session.

Clearing the Ice

*When the Zamboni horn sounds and/or the session has ended, all skaters and coaches must leave the ice immediately. If you are skating to your music, please stop skating immediately, turn off music and clear the ice - no exceptions.



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