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Lil Knights

City National Arena is where it all starts for your young player. Our Lil Knights Cross-Ice Program, presented by our partners at The D Las Vegas, is designed to form the skills foundation for players to move into our House League program. We have developed a model to ensure that all our players have FUN while we keep a consistent schedule of weekly skills sessions and weekend games.  Our coaching staff is prepared, extremely engaged and knowledgeable. As the face of our program, our coaches represent this program with class and professionalism. 

Planned progression development is at the core of our Lil Knights offering at City National Arena and the new Lifeguard Arena. Each weeknight skill session has our players learn and improve on the four basic skills of hockey: Skating, Puck-Handling, Passing and Shooting.  Each player receives instruction on proper technique and opportunity to practice those skills in an organized and challenging setting.  Saturday game day format is 4v4 cross ice games with goalies. This allows all players to “discover” the skills they practiced during the weekday session in a fun and unstructured environment.

We take great pride in hosting the Lil Knights program presented by The D Las Vegas and believe our two-skates-a-week format is the best development model for the players. Not only do our players and families enjoy the game day excitement and atmosphere, but the players also improve their skill set and compete level.  We all want to play hockey -- not just train -- and this format enables our kids to experience that weekly game setting. These Saturday sessions create a team environment for the players as well.  This helps them prepare for that next step, as they move into league play. 


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Sheri  Hudspeth

Sheri Hudspeth


Presented by The D Las Vegas.

Summer 2024







Lil Knights Presented by The D Las Vegas. Session #1