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It's been a long year, and as the weather turns warm we wanted to keep the Spring season light and fun by providing the athletes what they want; More Games!   

This upcoming season we will look to tip the scales in favor of more games to practice ratios. All practices will continue to be overseen with our team of professional coaches to train young athletes with drills and team concepts that are age-specific.  Upon registration, all players will be notified of their Evaluation Skate day, and will be then placed onto a team within a division that is focused on equal team-parity.  All participants will be provided a team jersey and socks to start the season.  Team's will be provided their season schedule at the start of the season with consistent weekly scheduling for all game and practices. 

“Select Your Home Rink” - Registered participants will have the opportunity to enroll into the Spring season and select which ice arena you want to call home.  Youth programs in each facility will be provided the same on-ice programming schedule so members can freely choose which facility is most convenient for your family.   Your selected home rink will host all your team’s home ice practices, but you will share in gameplay between both arenas as part of our “crossover weekend” scheduling.

Crossover Weekends” –Crossover weekends will provide your team a few select dates to travel between City National Arena and Lifeguard Arena to compete against teams from your cross-town neighbor. Shortly following the team formation period, your team’s head coach will be provided the full season schedule.  On the schedule there will be few a select crossover weekend dates where your team will compete in versus a few new opponents.       

We look forward to seeing you at the rink this upcoming Spring season!