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Valley Goaltending


Las Vegas

July 31st - August 4th, 2024 


All Ages (Divided into groups based on age/ability)




We are happy to announce Burke Goalie Camp by Valley Goaltending will be returning to City National Arena in Las Vegas July 31st – August 4th.

This camp is 5 days with each day giving an athlete 90 minutes of ice time with 60 minutes of off-ice/video work. Valley Goaltending’s camp philosophy is to put the emphasis on the on-ice training. Each day a goaltender will have one intense 90-minute session. Each session will be broken up with the first 30 minutes focusing on skating and the last 60 dedicated to different themes such as sharp angle shots, puck handling, in-zone play etc. For the skating portion, large groups will be formed. For the last 60 minutes the goal is to keep a 3:1 goalie to coach ratio at each net. Larger groups will be formed in the last 60 minutes when repetition is more important than the instruction. In these cases, the ratio will most likely be larger than 3:1.

Valley Goaltending and Sean Burke do not believe in full day camps with multiple ice sessions. We attempt to create an intense focused half day camp and then families have the 2nd half of the day to enjoy beautiful Las Vegas, rest, and recover to get ready for the next day. With this model, we can attract the highest quality coaches, keep coach to goalie ratios appropriate, all while keeping the camp affordable.

Improvements from 2023

We self-evaluated after last year’s camp and want to try and make two big improvements for 2024.

  1. We will be using trained off-ice professionals to run the off-ice component of the camp. We are very excited to have more experienced trainers to get the best out of the group off ice.

2. We will have improved video collection and distribution. Each day a drill will be filmed. At the end of camp, each camper will receive their footage from the week to have and review.